Some NBA Live Mobile basketball players have special abilities that give them an edge on court. Special abilities can be passive or active.

NBA Live Mobile has some basketball players with special abilities. These are extremely valuable and most players strive to acquire them. Special abilities have various effects. There are abilities that make a player perform better while playing in a match. Other abilities affect the entire team. Some special abilities allow players to use an extra active ability on court. It’s really easy to check if a player has any special ability. Users first need to go to the main menu and tap the My Team option. From there, they can select a certain player to find out more about him. If that player has any special ability, it will be displayed on his card.

Some active abilities are passive and others are active. Clutch is an active special ability that enables a player to make a shot that cannot be blocked by the enemy team. A player can use clutch under certain conditions. First of all, the ability has to be fully charged. The player needs to be located in a certain zone on the court’s floor. Motivator, intimidator and buzz beater are passive abilities. Motivator special abilities boost an attribute for all the players in that team’s lineup. Intimidator abilities demotivate the enemy team. Players that have the buzz beater special ability have an increased chance of scoring points at the end of a game quarter.

To use special abilities like clutch, players need to wait until they are fully charged. The time depends based on ability and player. Players with chargeable special abilities have a meter over their heads that shows the ability’s charge status. The ability can be used once the meter is full. The ability does not activate automatically. Players have to press a button to perform that ability. One example of a player with a special ability is Russell Westbrook OVR 95. He has the motivator ability that boosts team’s speed. Buzz beater gives him better chances to score. Westbrook can also use the clutch ability. This card cannot be bought or sold on the auction house. The NBA live mobile coins are also important for game playing, which can help you enjoy games.