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Utilize every inch of cargo space with a double deck trailer

Transportation can be an expensive part of your business. That is why it is such a good idea to look into ways of making transportation more efficient. With the special double deck trailer from Blankers Transport, you have found a new way of doing the same in fewer trips. This company is equipped with a fleet of over 40 trucks. Many of these trucks are designed for specialized transportation and are equipped with double loading floors. Such a double deck trailer can hold more cargo than a regular trailer. This will reduce your carbon footprint and your costs. Read on to discover more about this innovative double deck trailer.

A double deck trailer for voluminous goods

Especially with goods which are voluminous, a double deck trailer from Blankers Transport can be a great solution. With this trailer, two or three trips can be reduced to just one. You might ask how this system works. To enable double or triple stacking, their fleet is equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism. Your goods are lifted on the first loading deck and consecutively, this deck gets lifted into position. This makes room to fill the next load on the second level. When all decks are loaded, they are gently lowered into their final positions. These compressed goods take up less space, which reduces your transportation costs.

Inquire about their services

Next to a great loading system, every double deck trailer of Blankers Transport has a state of the art alarm system, which keeps your goods safe. Next to that, they are equipped with a route tracking system. This system can send you up to date information about the location of your products. This ensures you of a timely arrival as well. Are you interested in the double deck trailer of Blankers Transport? Make sure to get in touch today. They are more than happy to help you in finding the right transportation solutions.