Ductless heat pump reviews in Canada offer a multitude of options for homeowners. Ductless systems use ductless technology which has been available in the United States since the 1970s but has been a bit slower to catch on here in Canada.

Canadian heat pump manufacturers have, however, seen great success because of the large need for air conditioners and refrigerators in the country. They quickly learned that ductless heat pumps deliver just what they promise – energy efficiency without the bulky size of air conditioners. The units are also highly efficient when compared to other cooling and heating options. In fact, ductless heat pumps often outperform ducted options.

When you read reviews of ductless heat pump reviews in Canada, you learn that such systems work very well in areas that do not have high humidity but do not have a lot of heat. Ductless options are available in three basic styles – ground source, refrigerant, or condenser free. Installation is usually fairly simple and you can find several professionals in your area that can help with the installation if you choose. A condenser free unit will require no ductwork at all but will still require an electric connection between the condensing unit and the circuit breaker.

A ground source ductless heat pump simply uses your existing air conditioning system as the source of chilled air. The unit does not require ductwork, so no professionals are needed. This is a great choice for hot states that do not see a lot of snowfall but do have very high humidity in the air. A drawback is that the unit will not run at temperatures near the melting point of water, so it will not run efficiently in winter. The unit will, however, be at a comfortable temperature most of the time, especially during the summer months.

Refrigerant ductless heat pumps have higher energy savings than their air conditioner counterparts, but they must be used in climates that do not have extremely low humidity. With a compressor, the compressor delivers cold air from the compressor coil into a storage tank, where it is kept warm. Once the compressor is cooled, the liquid is then returned to the compressor where it is reheated and turned back into the cold air again. This process is repeated several times, thus increasing the compressor’s energy efficiency.

Condenser free units are another option. Although they can be more expensive than ductless heat pumps with a compressor, they offer great benefits because the unit does not need ducts. They are less efficient in hot climates, however, and they are only good for heating a few rooms or areas of a home. Overall, they are not as efficient as ductless heat pumps with compressors because of the additional costs associated with ducts.

These two options are the most popular ductless heat pump options currently available on the market. Homeowners are encouraged to take advantage of these benefits to make their homes more comfortable. They have been tested and proven to provide significant savings for homeowners. If you are in the process of remodeling your home or building a new home, be sure to check out the pros of ductless solutions over ducted heat pumps. They could very well provide your home with the long term saving benefits that you are looking for.