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Reduce calcium deficiency in your dairy cows

Are you struggling with a calcium deficiency in your dairy cows? Do you want to prevent milk fever with an easy and straightforward solution? In that case, Kimtec International is the company to go to. Through years of research and development, they have come up with a food additive that consists of potent and palatable anionic salts. These salts are specially developed to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving. This way, you can prevent the development of milk fever and maintain the health of your animals. Read on to discover more about this product and its specifications.

How does KatAn® prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows?

During calving, a dairy cow has a higher demand of calcium because they need to produce colostrum. This sharp increase of demand in calcium can cause milk fever, especially in older cows as their calcium is released from their bones at a slower rate. By adding the KatAn® supplement to their feed, their calcium levels rise and milk fever is prevented or can be resolved. Through years of research and development, Kimtec International has created this product to significantly reduce calcium deficiency in your dairy cows. They continue to do research into feed additives, to keep your cattle as healthy as possible.

Get in touch about the options

Are you interested in the products this company has to offer? Make sure to get in touch with them today. Their state of the art products will make a big difference for your cattle. They are produced under high quality control standards such as HACCP and GMP, to meet all customer demands. This company is represented in many countries and ships its products globally. Get in touch today with Kimtec International to find out more about their products and the possibilities for your cattle.