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Polymerase Chain Reaction kits

Need all the materials to do a Polymerase Chain Reaction? You can buy Bioline’s PCR kit at the web store of GC Biotech. If you need extraction of DNA for your study a professional PCR kit saves a lot of time. Much of the work has already been done for you. The only thing you need to do is to add your genetic sample to the product, heat and cool it over some time and you have many copies of the initial piece of DNA. Gene studies becomes very easy this way. You can use the copied sample in many different experiment and record the results.

There are more products one can buy at GC Biotech’s webshop. There are many tools to do research in the biomolecular field. Also there are pre-prepared reagents and mixes that can be used instantly after delivery. These kind of kits, just like Bioline’s Polymerase Chain Reaction kit will safe you a lot of time and hard effort. So make it yourself easy and take these useful products for your own study.

Tools for biomolecular research

In the current market there are a great many ways to do biochemical research. Not only do we sell PCR kits, but we sell machines as well. There are sensing systems that can measure the amount of liquid put in vials, reactor tubes, wells, vessels etc. Handling systems can manipulate containers for solutions and liquids. It provides reliable mixing and processing of vials. In every advanced laboratory these kind of tools have to be used. It gives more control over samples but it also provides for quality control and steady results.

Reagents and mixes

To do studies in the field of the biomolecular one also needs reagents and certain mixes. There are Real Time PCR kits to use in Polymerase Chain Reactions, but there is much more to find in our internet store. We offer reagents that can colour certain proteins or microorganisms. Weight markers can be used in electrophoresis, etc. Whatever mix or reagent you need, you’ll find it at GC Biotech’s webshop.