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Leave the entire process of import of cars from Dubai and Japan to this expert

The demand for the import of cars and other vehicles from and to Dubai and Japan has grown in the recent years. But Marlog Car Handling is the right partner to turn to if you want to import or export cars. They have been importing and exporting cars from and to Dubai and Japan since 2011, so there is lots of experience they can use and which you can rely on.

Years of experience and partnerships

After some preparation, organization and the right agreements, they succeeded in setting up the entire process for vehicle support and import from and to Dubai and Japan. This is absolutely no big deal for them, since they have years of experience. And besides, they have partnered up with local specialists in Dubai and Japan, which also makes the entire process a bit smoother. The several agents in Japan and Dubai that they work with, completely support this process and do what they can to help.

A procedure that makes everything work

Marlog Car Handling makes this process run so smoothly, because they work with a special procedure. First they secure the international payment before they collect the car from the sellers. When the car is picked up, it is made ready for shipping. When everything is cleared, it is taken to the agreed location and agreements are made for the insurances. The only thing left to do, is the plate handling!

Focus on what is important

Do you need any professional support regarding to the import of cars from Dubai or Japan? Or are there any questions you might have, that need answering? Do not hesitate to contact Marlog Car Handling. They are specialized in transporting cars in every country of the world, so they definitely have an answer to your question. Let them take the entire transport process off your hands, so you can focus on other important things.