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How to find the best steering wheel?

The purchase of your steering wheel should be approached with lots of precision; after all the steering wheel is one of the most important aspects during online racing. When looking for a steering wheel to conquer your fellow sim race drivers, you should definitely go for high quality. High quality in a steering wheel goes hand in hand with a quick response during the race, which will make your race more convenient. Besides the quality, looking for a ‘good’ steering wheel, means looking for functionality and style. We will elaborate more on that within this blog.


The functionality of a steering wheel

To race the most realistic game as possible, your steering wheel should be functional on top record. Hereby, you could think about the level of rotation that is possible; the higher, the more realistic the race seems. Also, it would be best if your steering wheel has the same dimensions as a real-life steering wheel. Next to that, the force feedback is of great importance. This means the way the steering wheel reacts in various settings and situations. When all these features come together, you’ll have a winning steering wheel. Tip: you would love to look into the brand Innato Steering Wheels, for the best quality and nicest looks!  


The style of a steering wheel

Quality is important, of course. Functionality also, crystal clear. However, of course you would also like to purchase a steering wheel with a nice style and with your preferred looks. Luckily, there are several steering wheels which may be to your liking. Some are colored, some are sleek black. 360°C steering wheels or ones with a compact hand support only. Make sure that you choose a steering wheel that lay convenient in your hand and that feels good. For the real-life experience, you could always watch some videos of Lewis Hamilton explaining a steering wheel!