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Hire new employee


A step-by-step guide for SMEs
Insights to help you develop your team
Hiring new employees can change your business. Whether you are hiring your first employee or adding new members to an existing team, finding the right person for your position and company and developing a fast, effective and legal formal recruitment process is crucial. However, creating and managing your own recruitment process from scratch can be daunting—especially without the help of a dedicated HR team.

That’s why we have compiled this comprehensive guide to guide you through 13 simple steps on how to recruit employees, from hiring and interviews to providing quotations and recruiting suitable new employees for your business.

Signs that it might be time to hire
9 signs that it’s time to hire
In smaller companies, employees often assume multiple roles, often switch between tasks, and work outside of job descriptions to keep up with business growth. Although this ability to work across departments is a sign of flexibility, resourcefulness, and motivation, it may also indicate that your employees are too thin. This over-expansion will eventually lead to burnout, low productivity and inefficiency in your business.

In order to maintain your business growth and maintain high employee morale, please pay attention to the following signs that it is time to grow your team: High employee turnover rate Customer complaints surged abnormally Overtime pay increases Often miss the goal Often need to extend deadlines Unable to accept new projects or customers Need professional skills You haven’t asked for leave for months

Benefits of expanding the team Hiring employees provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase the company’s revenue, capacity, and brand awareness. Suitable new employees can also: Take your business to the next level New employees can bring skills that take years to develop, allowing you to seek new sources of income, fill the company’s skills gaps, and drive rapid growth by hiring an employee. Free up time for you to focus on key goals Hiring new employees gives you the opportunity to offload tasks and increase bandwidth, increase productivity and free up time for you and your team members to focus on important things. Bring perspective and inspiration Employees who bring ideas that are very new and forward-looking methods can inject creativity and innovation into your business, help you make key process improvements, identify new opportunities, and help your team see things from a new perspective to stimulate progress and growth.


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