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Underfloor heating on combination with a heat pump

Because classic heating systems are becoming too expensive and old-fashioned, many people are looking for alternatives. One of those alternatives is underfloor heating: you’ll save a lot of money and the maintenance is minimal. This will get even better when you run it on via a heat pump system, making heating your house even more environmentally friendly.

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a heating system, where the heat is distributed through plastic pipes that are build into the floor. The heat transmission happens on a even basis by heat radiation of the floor area into the surrounding space. This is called radiant heat and is considered by most people as the most comfortable warmth.

Combine underfloor heating with a heat pump installation

You can connect a heat pump to a classic heating system, but by working with underfloor heating the return of the heat pump will be much higher. This has everything to do with the fact that the temperature of the underfloor heating is around 35 ° c, which is a relatively low temperature. This in combination with a heat pump is however, ideal. A heat pump works the best when the temperature of the delivery system is relatively low.

However, bear in mind that not all types of heat pumps are suitable for underfloor heating. An air-to-air heat pump, for example, is not compatible with underfloor heating. The other types of heat pumps convert heat from the outside air, ground water or soil in water and can be used for floor heating.

What are the advantages of floor heating via a heat pump?

An underfloor heating system based on a heat pump has several advantages. First, this system allows for a very low energy consumption. Underfloor heating already consumes less energy than a classic heating system, but the combination with a heat pump makes the whole thing even more energy friendly.

In addition, underfloor heating is healthier because there are no dust particles released and the relative humidity is better. Because the heat is emitted from from below, your feet are warmed up and that gives a pleasant feeling.

Finally, with underfloor heating you keep your walls free from radiators. So you can take full advantage of the space as well. In addition, you don’t have the sounds that can occur in radiators.

The advantages of underfloor heating in combination with a heat pump at a glance:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Underfloor heating is healthier
  • No radiators needed
  • Comfortable

What else is important?

If you have the combination of underfloor heating and a heat pump and you want it to work optimally it is necessary that your home is well insulated.