FIFA 17 offers players a lot of mechanics and tricks to use in their game but there are some that improve your game if you don’t use it. Today we are talking about this because I have somehow managed to break my RB and I could not do any passes, fines shots or drag backs. How did this improve my game you ask? Well simple… I have no idea… Joking aside, there is a bit you learn when playing without the RB in FIFA 17 and here is what you learn. 
What’s this about?
Playing without the right button in FIFA 17 and losing all of the mechanics that come with it has somehow managed to improve the games of a lot of people. When doing this, you stop doing most of the planning for fancy pass moves and improve shots and you play as FIFA 17 is supposed to be played. Saying this, you could still keep all of these mechanics in FIFA 17 but trying to play without them makes sure that you see the bigger picture of FIFA 17 and not focus on the lesser things.

As weird as this sounds, a lot of people have taken to ignoring the RB in FIFA 17 and have actually started performing better in online matches. This does sounds weird yes, but if you give it a try you will not regret it one bit. SO go out there and break your RB on your joystick and you will be sure that you will perform a lot better in FIFA 17…. Or just ignore it….