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Discover the advantages of a vegetable washing machine

Are you working in the food industry and do you own a company that produces fruits or vegetables? When the focus in your business is on food production, it is very important to maintain good hygiene at the workplace. During the production processes certain hygienic standards must be met. Your products have to be and stay clean to keep up with the international trade norms; you must be capable of offering high-quality products. Since the cleaning of fruits and vegetable is a very exhausting and time consuming process, it slows down your production line. To prevent this, using a vegetable washing machine could save you a lot of time and effort, whilst you can still deliver high-quality products.

A tailored solution in every situation

Are you interested in purchasing a vegetable washing machine to automate the process of cleaning the fruits or vegetables? Allround VP offers tailored solutions to various companies in Europe and the USA. The company specializes in perfecting the vegetable washing machine to your specific needs. There are a lot of options, which means that the perfect solution for you company is within reach. Are you interested in knowing more about a PDK range apparatus? Or would you like to receive more information on a solution that operates with a water basin? No matter your preferences: Allround VP offers a variety of different options and will provide you with a solution that meets all of you requirements.

Get in touch with the professionals to learn more

Are you interested in purchasing a vegetable washing machine and would you like to gain more information in regard to the products and services that Allround VP offers? The professionals are happy to answer all of your questions and will do their very best to offer a tailored solution to your specific situation. In case your interested in collaborating with the company, get in touch with the professionals and discover how they can be of service to you. Learn more!

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Stud bolt caps protect nuts and bolts properly


When you are looking for a real specialist in stud bolts, HBS Solutions B.V. is the company you need to contact. This is a project-based organization supplying certified fasteners and offer you the so-called BoltShield® caps. A stud bolt protects nuts and bolts from thread damage and dirt. Moreover, they considerably help prevent corrosion and rust. This is necessary because otherwise, it might affect these materials, making them less solid. Stud bolts are designed to be screwed permanently into a fixed part at one end and to receive a nut on the other. In this way, this system ensures a secure and strong fixing to the bolt.

Always a stud bolt that suites to your application

In what particular situation do you need a stud bolt? If a cost-effective solution is what you need, you can choose the plastic version. This material is obviously of sufficient quality for application of the stud bolts, although the limited durability of polymers should be taken into account. Do you want durable stud bolts? No doubt you will find the stainless-steel bolt caps to be the superior option. HBS Solutions B.V. creates stud bolt caps offering two different levels of protection. The first type covers both the exposed part of the bolt thread and the nut. The second type only protects the bolt thread itself. Every aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel cap type this company supplies is suitable for coating and can be purchased in multiple sizes.

Stud bolt caps offer many benefits

Stud bolt caps have many benefits. The kind of advantages largely depends on the material of the caps. They are easily installed and removed. They also protect the bolts and nuts against corrosion, moisture, damage, dirt, and other external influences. They can even prevent injuries for people from unexposed bolts. Summarizing: these products make the workplace safer and more sustainable.

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